Sunday, July 17, 2016

Facebook Update ,, My Fucked Cosmic Fate

posted at facebook

I dont poke people at all
I dont ever post shit on other
peoples wall I dont fuckin tag
people i find this a personal assault
I dont add people to groups lol
I respect the sanctity of your timeline
your privacy ,,i always read your messages
return your calls ,,,No I dont add any more friends
on Facebook.. less is more easy to handle
all in all.. I post original content I dont post porn.
I stay away from Barbie dolls ,, no I dont want to
be honey trapped ,,a languishing libido says it all.

Now call me by any name but I wont hold it against you at all
I am a Hindu a Muslim a Sunni A Shia A Christian A Parsi
A Dalit ,,a Buddhist .Om Mani Padme Hoon...but a hardcore profile says it all...

Says Rumi God gave you Wings why the Fuck do you want to Crawl .