Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What are my keds thinking...shithead go home fed up of your Fucked feet .

These are the same Adidas keds gifted by my only daughter Samiya ...earlier she gifted my wife and me and even her brothers each a pair of Puma .
She lives in Delhi self independent ..she lives on her own terms ..I could not be a great father to her because of my lustful attachment to alcohol ...and when I did renounce the bottle took sanyas from yacht and other iconic drinking holes of Bandra I could not salvage any good memory with my kids .
So in a way my grandchildren are my penance I am a grandfather to my sons kids daughter has decided she won't give me the opportunity of every being a grandfather to her child and I don't blame her...on second thoughts I should have not married ..but that is merely far fetched wishful thinking .
I have just come back from the tennis court and a few rounds at the park that was once known as Rizvi garden .
I walked through the bylanes bought a DNA I subscribe to HTA and Midday .
The jambul lady the tadgola guy was surprised why I did not buy anything today wife is in Lucknow tending to her father who is critically unwell ...I don't know when she will return .
I stopped shooting pictures I also humbly stopped calling myself a blogger too many bloggers on cyberspace ..I am a storyteller and I tell original stories amusingly shot on my mobile phone each time I leave home I try to add a new story and in Bandra there is no mental block , stories grow on trees but you need to pick them up before they become over ripe ...but not being very gifted with words or grammar I need a picture to tell my story ..sometimes my story becomes your story as you once stayed in Bandra ..
And these keds about 3 month old have walked rigorously with me twice to Juhu and once to Versova from Bandra back to Khar ...
I only wear them for my walks ..normally I wear bathroom slippers and nobody has ever stolen them though they are branded in a way because they belong to me I am a beggar garbage Fucked brand of Bandra.
The most important part of storytelling you should no when to begin and when to Stop .
So Fuck stop tagging me ...I am sick and tired of the borrowed posts of religion that you tag me ...desist please .
Amen ..
That is why I don't want shithead as friends ..I want less for me less is more I don't want 5000 friends. .
I am happy with the few ...and I have just a handful on my feed oldest friends and my Filmy contacts my gifted siblings and most of my photographer friends very very dear to me ...
I post religion as a picture gallery no pushing prosyletizing my faith up your reluctant gullet or political posts up your reticent ass.
There is much I want to say shall keep it for my next picture .
Happy Morning from Bandra .