Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Morning Make In India Garbage Dump At Bandra Bazar Road

I decided not to shoot a video today ,, I was not poetically inspired so to speak.. the dog belongs to one of the scavengers who feeds him bones meat etc from the dump...

From here I cut through the old beef market via the path leading out from the Bandra Sunni mosque to the MET Tennis courts ,, the sad part is that the Municipality has taken over the open grounds and the tennis courts and as there is no security both the places are in a bad mess somebody broke the tennis pole ..earlier there was the MET security and I can tell you that the Municipality is incapable of running the parks and public gardens ,, they only need places where they can make money and I wish somebody proves me wrong ..

The Municipality needs to be discarded and some new corporate entity should take over our citys civic problems management .. people that are responsible and accountable ,,
The Municipality has done nothing to enhance Modijis Swach Bharat project .. our garbage spilling all over is a eye sore .. and I hope after the inauguration of the Bandra Art Gallery our dynamic PM Modiji should have visited Bandra Bazar Road .. and I am sure the Sanghis would have whitewashed this place and made it spick and span..

Well after the tennis session I walked from MET grounds to Bandstand via Good Luck a free cup of black tea from the owner Hamza bhai.. and I shoot pictures while I walk I paid my salaams to Amitji s picture on the Deewar at Bandra on the way to Bandstand and skipped Carter Road .. returned via Waroda road Bazar road and back passing this dump .. to my house ..