Saturday, January 30, 2016

Syed Masoom Ali Baba Blesses Me At Panihar Gwalior

Panihar is 22 km away from Gwalior railway station ,,a rustic village hardly any good roads and is on the Gwalior Indore highway... This is the personal seat of the Aqsan Madirrya order and its head Syed Masoom Ali Baba  ,

I was invited to Panihar for the celebrations of his nephew Razzak Ali Baba whose mother had passed away 40 days this was an event to commemorate the memory of Razzak Bawas mother ,, Lots of scholars poets Maulanas Alims from the various Sufi and Sunni school of thoughts were here .

Malangs and Shaikhs Gadddi Nasheens from Makhanpur the fountainhead of the Madarriya order ,,

It was held on 28 January,... and this is one unique village that both Hindus Muslims live in eternal peace , this is my new set at Flickr documenting the lifestyle of the Malangs ,, I too belong to this Sufi order ,,
I shot stills videos and my Malang brother Syed Rafik Ali Baba was very helpful.. he is a Madarriya scholar and highly respected among  other orders too.

I had a lot of discourses with young Razzak Baba who is the Gaddi Nasheen of the Aqsan order of Dam Madar Malngs here Painhar as well as Makhanpur ,

Dam Madar Beda Par