Saturday, January 30, 2016

Documenting the Dam Madar Malangs of Panihar MP

Just come back from a Dam Madar Malang event at Panihar village 22 km away from Gwalior .
Panihar has Hindus Muslims living in peace . The simple rustic Hindus consider the Malangs to be avtars of Lord Shiva ..and I have never seen such amity anywhere else ..The Malangs had a langar for the villagers and fed over 50000 people at one time.
But all in all I missed Mumbai my heart soul was in Mumbai .

A Muslim boy related to the Malang head took me on a hillock he was about 11 year old holding my hands he bought me to the oldest Durga Mandir. The head priest other Hindus touched my feet they gave me money and were touched by my visit and my greetings Om Namo Narayan...

They told me incredible tales of my Malang Peer Syed Masoom Ali Bawa when he first came to the village there was a drought no rains he opened out his hair he has dreads about 18 feet long and invoked God standing for hours on one leg they said it rained and rained and the villagers thanked the Lord by having a langar and to show his love for God , Syed Masoom Ali Bawa jumped into the cauldron of hot oil nothing happened to him today they rever him as a living saint .
He has built wells schools clinics for them he lives in austerity .

He had invited me to this event of his nephew Razzak bawa Gaddi Nasheens mothers chalisva it was to mark to pay tribute to her memory 40 days after her death.

I lived here with the villagers and documented the Sufi order of the Malangs .

I was not well it was very cold here but I lived to tell their tale through pictures

Dam Madar Beda Par .