Friday, December 4, 2015

The Muslim Beggar Bandra Bazar Road

He comes to beg every morning in a lane next to my house , and this lane has now become a lane of Muslim beggars , a few women beggars and a few old beggars ,, one of the old beggar I shoot sits a few blocks ahead away from this lane ..the little girl with a damaged eye has disappeared I have not seen her for a week or two.

All the old beggars are migrants from Malda West Bengal and though they live in the distant suburbs they come all the way to beg at Bandra Bazar..and this area is not super rich like Bandstand Pali Hill or Carter Road ,, it has a few slums too..though people living in these slums dont like being called slum dwellers , these are the posh slums of Bandra West.. and once the politician builder nexus get their hands on it .. you will see a sea of skyscrapers , towers ,, though this are is close to the seafront and construction restricted by the regressive CRZ rules .. there is a lot of construction happening around ,,

However my post is about beggars and a bit of the geography of my area is useful.. the beggars come here as they people are generous , and people living in the slums are compassionate and give leftover food , old clothings even old utensils ,,

The Muslim beggar mother and child come to beg here on Friday .. I see them but hardly shoot them .. I have been very busy last few weeks ,, and strangely nowadays I prefer shooting videos rather than taking a few stills ,,