Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Should Lalbagh Chya Raja Take The Flak For High Handed Volunteers And Frustrated Brutal Mumbai Cops

I posted this as a comment on friends post on Facebook of a woman being assaulted brutally by women cops.. khaki goondaism

It only shows women cops are as frustrated and brutal as their counterparts in the Mumbai Police and it is all about bad outsourcing ,, imagine the state of tourists foreign photographers who see this clip was the person even if she is guilty of some misdemeanor carrying a weapon or guns or bombs is the main question and could it not be handled with less brute force ,, i had lots of problems with the cops at lalbagh trying to enter the pandal on visarjan day with my press card ,,the cop told me tu kya aj modi ko bhi andar nahi lenge , and the new CP Ahmed Javed sab must rein in these goons gundas in khaki ,, is what i have to say having shot lalbagh chya raja for last 15 years on this day of immersion.