Friday, September 25, 2015

The Street Barbers Bandra Reclamation

I have been shooting the  street barbers of Bandra Reclamation for almost  8 years now , there are four , one from Bihar the rest from UP..And they earn their bread from the sweat of their brow ,,

Their main clients are the poor slum dwellers , hawkers and most of the ricksha drivers and they are always busy, sometimes they undertake Mundan religious tonsure of the Hindus and Akika of the Muslims .

I dont know if they to circumcision of Muslim boys but most of these barbers known as Hajam offer their services for the same .

They respect me a lot and I shoot them when I go to catch a bus for town ,, and this was shot on the day I was going to Regal to meet my French friend Laurent Salesse .

All these barber images are part of my Barbers .. Barberism set Flickr ,,