Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Magic Of GSB And Devo Atithi Bhava

One most important facet of the GSB Seva Mandal that it brings you all together as one without petty differences makes each one of you part of a huge Saraswat Gaud Brahmin Family Tree ,, this is never seen in any other Pandal does happen at Wadala but I realized you guys give equal importance to outsiders not part of the GSB family tree ,, your love touches us Non Hindus as fervently ,,and I must confess without bias without trepidation I shot Wadala GSB only once in my life time never ever went back but came a lot more time to GSB King Circle because of all of you your deep love dedication devotion and I can assure you all if this what you showcase at GSB Seval Mandal is followed by other Mandals there wont be cases of volunteers misbehaving with the devotees , pulling their hair treating them roughly ,, You all each one of you is the beacon of that light missing at other Pandal .. People say your community is very rich and I tell them discover the Gold in their hearts ,,their glimmer their shine their heritage that continues from the grandfather to the unborn grandchild ,..and I am writing this on your post for starters not on mine ,, Devo Atithi Bhava the true spirit of Godliness a Gift of Ganesha,

ps I wrote this as a comment on a GSB friends post and copied it to my picture with my best friend mentor Dr BU Pai of Seven Hill Hospital Andheri.