Friday, September 25, 2015

Eid Hugging Pictures of the Press We Can Do Without

actually for our press photographers
this is what eid is all about ,,eid
hugging kids sweet fat and stout
a fancy fez a fancy skull cap a rose
in the hand creating a fancy cut out '
fathers pushing their kids to forcibly
hug.. next morning papers neighbors
 envy our son is in the papers mothers
will shout is this what eid is all about '
will the imam who leads the namaz
talk about the farmer suicides the
devastating drought ,,,will the mosques '
give all the money to the farmers families '
i wont doubt ,, this is what our eid is about
helping the needy the oppressed victims
of natures fury ,,who fill our bellies today
totally wiped out ..a message to all muslims
enormously devout ,,please for once help out